Nutritional Services
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What is Holistic Nutrition?


Holistic simply means treating the body as a whole. When our body is deficient in certain nutrients, or if the body systems have become overloaded with toxins, symptoms begin to appear. This is our body’s way of talking to us, telling us that it needs our loving attention. The holistic approach looks at these symptoms and takes in to account the life history of the individual. In this way, the practitioner will work to uncover the underlying reason for the symptoms, and therefore work to correct the cause and not just suppress the symptoms.

The Nutritional Consultant will provide a personalized protocol detailing dietary, nutritional supplement and lifestyle recommendations, focused on eliminating toxins from the body and repairing nutritional deficiencies.




A diet full of the freshest, organic, whole foods available may not be enough to optimize health if the nutrients from these foods are not being digested properly. Ideally, the digestive process breaks foods down into their smallest units, so that these units can move from the intestine into the bloodstream where they will ultimately travel to the cells of the body tissues which require their nutrients. When the digestive process is weakened, many nutrients will not get utilized where needed, and the body begins to suffer. A Holistic Nutritionist is trained to uncover areas of weakness in the gastrointestinal tract, and subsequently guide the client to restoring healthy functioning of this fundamentally important body system.




As hard as we may try to eat well and live a relatively “clean” life, there is no escaping our chronic exposure to toxins. They are in the air we breathe, indoor and out, the water we drink, in and on the foods we eat, and even in the form of the electromagnetic frequency assault that is all around us. Like your car or furnace filter, it’s a good idea to consider cleaning out your own body’s filtration system. Your Certified Nutritional Consultant will guide you as to how to safely begin a detoxification process that is suited to your individual health status.


Nutritional Deficiencies:


Each individual has unique nutritional and biochemical needs. Certain health conditions, medications and lifestyle behaviours deplete specific nutrients from the body. In addition, many illnesses are a result of the body’s lack of a specific nutrient or group of nutrients. Restoring optimum nutrient levels can assist the body in rebuilding and restoring the joyous level of quality health that you deserve.